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    1) in general/above all/with the result that/as a result/consequently,

    2) As far as I am concerned/as for me,

    3) This truth above seems to be self-evident.

    4) Whether we examine the above,such things can happens anywhere anytime to anyone.

    5) In my point of view余秋雨散文,I like/prefer A much more than B.

    6) I still prefer A,however,for they teach me not only to be but also to be ,both in and in

    7) There is no doubt that

    8) In order to make our world a better place in which to live we should efforts to

    9) To a large extent,,therefore余秋雨散文,reflects

    10) If all above mentioned measures are achieved,

    11) Wherever you are and whatever you do作文,is always meaningful.

    12) So clear/evident/obvious it is that there are quite different opinions on it.

    13) Now余秋雨散文,which one do you preferthe oneor the one? Were it left to me to select,I should not hesitated a moment to choose the former/latter.

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